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Download WTFast

In real-world terms, when you normally play the game, your data is often going down slow highways that may be subject to construction or rush hr.. With WTFast, your data is on a fast, private freeway with no speed limits – right to the game server!WTFast makes the game connection faster, smoother and stronger.

Trion, the developers of Archeage, are having some troubles getting their servers stable with the unexpected amount of users that have returned to the game.
Although normally a VPN service like WTFast could be considered a banable offense, on a recent live stream Trion said they will not support such 3rd party programs but if they work then use them, for now.

Our personal experience has proven that these services are required to enjoy the game. Most have quit without giving Archeage a shot due to the issues and services like WTFast have saved many.

Our members have tried many applications and WTFast has so far been the most consistent. Feel free to try another option and give us feedback.
For now VORT3X will be unofficially supporting WTFast till the servers are more stable.

How To Setup WTFast for Archeage

  • Download & Install WTFast

  • Close all Glyph (Archeage) Applications

  • Run WTFast & Login (Create Trial Account if needed)

  • Select Game: Archage

    Network: Manually customize network route

    Location: Dallas, Texas 6

    Press: Play

  • Once Glyph client is open Start Game Normally & Choose Server

    WTFast will stay at “Establishing Connection” until you enter Character Select. This is normal during the “Waiting to Connect Queue”

  • Once the Server Connects you will see a Connection Established status and some statistics on your network performance.

    Happy Gaming!


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